Eat Food, Not Nutrients

In our attempts to pursue a healthier lifestyle, it can be easy to start chasing down "nutrients" in our food. We look at labels and read how many grams of protein in a shake or bar without much consideration as to where that protein comes from and whether it's a quality source. We look for low sugar, high fiber cereal without considering whether the fiber occurs naturally or is simply an additive. We choose low-fat cereal over fruit in our attempts to avoid sugar. 

But when we focus exclusively on macro- and micro-nutrients in processed foods, we sometimes miss the delicious whole foods forest for the highly processed trees. I can't tell you how many clients I have who become so focused on the numbers on the nutrition label, they forget to eat real food. 

When we eat a diet of real food like vegetables & fruit, seeds & nuts, legumes & lean protein, we get the nutrients we need. It's a mindshift for many, but a diet filled with fewer processed and packaged foods is much more likely to give us vitality and health than a diet of shakes, bars, and fortified cereals.