Is it Time for a Full Reset?

We hear it all the time from people who have weight to lose: If I could just lose these pounds, I know I could keep them off! With that mindset, otherwise intelligent people choose drastic diet plans that promise fast weight loss, plans that use restriction, deprivation and/or eating of food-like substances instead of real food.

And after suffering through the pain and humiliation of these plans, our dieting friends may actually lose weight. At least in the short-term. But despite best intentions, it’s nearly impossible to keep that weight off without real lifestyle changes, and then it’s a matter of weeks or months before old habits drive the numbers on the scale back to where they were…or even higher.

I don’t want to watch another client or friend embark on an adventure in yo-yo dieting that leaves them feeling frustrated, helpless and hopeless. I’m offering a new option:


A 14-day commitment to reset not just your body, but your mindset.


What Full Reset is not: This is not a detox. This is not a cleanse. This is not a “lose weight fast” plan.

What Full Reset is:

  • 4 days of intensive planning and learning, followed by 10 days of action, more planning and even more learning.
  • You will re-define your wellness goals.
  • You will gain a greater understanding of how food impacts your body and mind.
  • You will learn how to lose weight in way that preserves your lean muscle while you are losing fat.
  • You will learn new skills that enable you to plan healthy meals and snacks that actually taste good.
  • You will learn how you can still enjoy your favorite treats, eat in restaurants and be a sociable human, all while upholding healthy habits in support of your goals.

Beyond those initial 14-days, you’ll have continued support to stay on the path toward achieving your goals. If you’ve put yourself through the grueling deprivation of a commercial diet plan—or if you’re about to—Full Reset should be a sheer pleasure in comparison.

Are you curious if a Full Reset is right for you? I’m offering a one-hour free consult. Let’s talk! Shoot me an email at