Mastering patience

Thanks again to everyone who’s emailed, texted, posted on social media and otherwise checked in on my recovery since I tore a tendon in late March (in case you missed it and are interested, I break down the not-all-that gory detail of my injury during a 30.5 mile race HERE and a bit on my recovery plan HERE).

I ditched the crutches weeks ago and said goodbye to the ugly boot. The wicked swelling is gone, and I’m not limping. In fact, if you didn’t know something happened, you wouldn’t guess by looking at me.

But this injury was a doozy, and on the advice of my orthopedist and physical therapist, my body isn’t ready to run.  

In my mind, on repeat, I’m giving myself the same advice I give my health coaching clients with big health and fitness goals…

Trust in the process that professionals are guiding you through, and for the love of all things holy, BE PATIENT!

I truly empathize with how frustrated my clients feel when I give them this advice when they’re facing what seems like an insurmountable goal. And I have a BIG goal: To recover from my injury mentally and physically stronger, to have a great fall training season and to run a fall race I can be proud of.

It’s tough to delay that runner’s high I know a short run will bring. It’s been a real adjustment dialing down my diet to accommodate a less active life (oh, how I miss you, pre-run carby breakfasts and giant, fruity, peanut buttery post-run smoothie bowls!).

As much as I’m tempted to get out there for a short run, as tempting as it is to whip up a ginormous starchy, maple-syrupy breakfast on Saturday, I know that those actions keep me further from my BIG goals.  

So I’m resting, walking, and eating a solidly nutritious diet with fewer treats (not NO treats, but fewer). And if I treat my body well now, there are plenty of runs and starchy meals in my future. I’m counting on it!

If you need support in mastering the art of patience and making changes to achieve you health and fitness goals, let’s talk!