A visit to the USA section

No trip to a foreign country is complete without a visit to the USA section of the grocery store. It's an interesting opportunity to look at our country through another nation's eyes. A visit to La Grande Epicerie reveals that Parisians have quite an impression of us: First off, Americans clearly LOVE us some peanut butter. Specifically, it appears that we love Reese's peanut butter and all Reese's peanut butter candy products. Like, a lot. 

We also adore microwave popcorn. There are not one, not two, but FIVE varieties of popcorn in this little aisle. 

And don't forget the cotton candy in a bag! It's as American as Campbell's Soup, assorted white salad dressings (I had no idea that Guacamole Ranch was a thing!), marshmallow fluff, spray cheese or barbecue sauce.

I hope there will be a day when these items no longer reflect the "best of the USA," and grocers of this lovely market will have to rethink their inventory.