Walking is Wonderful!

Blame social media, blame extreme sports, blame human nature and our need to constantly one-up each other, but over the last few years, a dangerous perception has become normalized: On the day after leg day, if you can get off the toilet without gripping the wall and grimacing in pain, you didn't work hard enough.  


There is a commonly accepted idea that only drastic, painful workouts will advance you toward your fitness goals--including weight loss goals. If your workout is not excessively complicated, and if you're not in pain during--and especially after--your workout, it won't have any impact on your fitness.  

This couldn't be further from the truth. Unless your fitness goals include being a model or competing athletically at a professional level, every workout doesn't have to decimate you.

And this on National Walking Day, I want to remind you that regular walking--especially outdoors--can be a fantastic way to gain fitness, manage and prevent lifestyle diseases, lift your mood, and yes, even lose weight. Multiply the benefits by drafting in a friend or family member (two- or four-legged), finding a tree-lined trail to explore, and--this is important--walking consistently.

More on the benefits of walking HERE. Need support becoming the healthiest version of you? Let's talk.