Local produce doesn't have to be difficult

There's a misconception that in order to eat nutritious, locally grown food, we have to...

A. Spend a fortune.

B. Go out of our way to shop for it.

Those statements used to be true, but they aren't any longer. As much as I love shopping at the farmers' market, it's not always practical. Now grocery stores of all sizes, from behemoths like Costco to mom-and-pop shops are hearing our requests for better quality, more nutritious food, and they're answering by stocking more of it. Take a trip to a pretty standard grocery store like Giant and you'll find plenty of excellent options, including innovative growers like Bright Farms. Bright Farms is growing quality produce in greenhouses that lessen environmental impact while preserving flavor and nutrition. They're fresh, grown just down the road in Culpeper, VA, and the cost is beyond reasonable.

In a time when it feels like our voices don't carry a lot of weight, our dollars have carried a lot of weight with grocers! Our requests are being heard, and the spread of quality, locally grown produce in our grocery stores is inevitable. 


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