Reason #3 to work with a health coach: Increase your likelihood of achieving a BIG goal

Got a big health or fitness goal, like beginning a new fitness regiment, going vegan, running a race (or achieving a personal best in a race), or losing significant weight? A health coach can help you get there!

This picture is me completing the last tenth of a mile of my first marathon in 2009. I joined a training group and leaned on three excellent coaches (one of whom was my husband, John) for advice on how to train. They provided a plan and gave me lots of smart answers when I had questions. I was accountable to them—they expected me to show up and I did. Let me assure you that had I tried to train for this bad boy on my own without the support and guidance of these professionals, I would’ve ended up as a stain on the ground in DC somewhere along the Marine Corps Marathon course.

In previous posts, I’ve shared the steps for achieving big goals, and engaging an expert is an important one. If you’re ready to tackle a MAJOR goal in 2016, one that requires greater physical demands than you’re used to, or one that mean taking on long standing habits that are standing in your way, partnering with a health coach dramatically increases your likelihood of achieving that goal. 

Could you figure out how to tackle a big goal like weight loss or fueling a big race on your own? Sure, maybe. But with support and education about best practices from a qualified health coach or other professional, you’re more likely to avoid making mistakes (many of which occur after following lousy advice from the internet!) along the way.  You’re likely to achieve goals more quickly, and with me acting as a proverbial net to prevent you from falling, you might even enjoy the process more! 

Get in touch if you’re ready to line up some expertise to get you closer to the big goal.