Give yourself four weeks!

I'm ready to get to work! Who's in?

I'm ready to get to work! Who's in?

My clients come to me with big health and fitness goals. If all these men and women needed was an explanation of what a healthful diet is, we'd only meet once or twice. I'd explain a healthy diet is about 50% vegetables and fruit (heavy on the veg), about 25% lean protein and about 25% whole grain or starchy vegetable. Then they'd be off on their merry way to go achieve their goals. 

But knowing what to do is the easy part.

Eating a healthful diet and living a healthy lifestyle requires applying knowledge in our messy, emotional, convenience-driven human lives. Lives in which delicious, cheap and easy food is EVERYWHERE; in which our culture and memories are formed by and around food; and in which we receive a constant flow of new and sexy information about food and diets that may or may not be true. 

What if you decided to do an experiment? What if you gave yourself a finite period of time to work with an expert to hone your knowledge and rigorously work on building new healthy habits? And what if you had not only support of an expert, but also the support of a group of peers working toward similar goals?

Eating for Wellness is that experiment. Join me for four weeks beginning the week of 3/20, and let's focus not on what you're supposed to do, but how to build new habits and apply your knowledge in your busy life!

Got questions? Please be in touch!